Welcome to Books Under Blankets

Hi everyone, my name is Katie, and welcome to my new blog!

Seeing as we're so close to the New Year, I decided I wanted to take up a new hobby.  I knew from the get-go that I wanted this hobby to revolve around books; I've been an avid reader since I was very young but unfortunately, in my outside-of-the-internet every-day life, I have no one I can talk with about the books that I enjoy or am reading at the moment.  I wanted my own space outside the restrictions of Goodreads to post more than just status updates and reviews.

I initially had the idea to join Booktube because, in my two years of lurking on there, felt like part of the discussion simply watching people who are as passionate as I am speak about books - even though I was uploading no content myself. Unfortunately, I don't have the equipment to film a good-quality video and, to be honest, I'm not very confident when it comes to physically speaking to new people - or to a camera it seems! It took me over two hours to film a one-minute intro video which I was very dubious about uploading .. and ended up not uploading at all. Then I thought, why not try my hand at a book blog? I can string a typed sentence together with ease and not get myself into a panic, so here I am!

I enjoy books such as the A Song of Ice and Fire series, Throne of Glass, The Raven Cycle series, and John Green's novels. I mainly read high-fantasy, YA contemporary and paranormal, but the communities on both Goodreads and Booktube have opened my eyes to a lot of genres that you would've had to force me to read before but now find myself loving, such as historical fiction and sci-fi. 
My aim is to take what I most enjoy watching on Booktube - hauls, wrap-ups, tags, to-be-read lists - and bring them to my blog, but in text and photo-form. 
I hope to share and find new reads and make some friends and reading buddies through the blogging community :)

Happy reading and all the best for 2015,



  1. Welcome to the book blogging world! :-) I started for the same reason; loved Booktube but the camera was way too scary! Good luck for 2015, looking forward to your posts :-) Beth :) x

    1. Thanks, Beth! I'd still love to start Booktube at some point if I ever get the courage... although that's probably not going to be any time soon, haha :') Likewise! x

  2. I just started blogging for the same reason! I've wanting to get into the book blogosphere for a while but decided to finally get my act together and do it! Glad to meet another blogging newbie!

    1. It seems like such a great community to be a part of! Good luck with your blogging; I look forward to seeing more of your posts :D


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