The Avenged Sevenfold Book Tag

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Inspired by the Taylor Swift book tag, originally posted by The Book Life

The Songs

• Nightmare - your favourite horror book
• A Little Piece of Heaven – a book you have a love/hate relationship with
• Not Ready to Die– a series you don’t want to end
• Burn it Down – a book you hated that everyone else loved
• Hail to the King – your favourite author
• The Wicked End – a book with a killer cliffhanger
• Seize the Day – a book that made you thankful for your life
• Until the End – your favourite BFFs
• Danger Line – a book with a lot of action
• City of Evil – your favourite dystopian
• Shattered by Broken Dreams – a book that crushed your soul
• Darkness Surrounding – a book with a dark MC or antihero

My Picks

Your favourite horror book

This is one of the first books that really got me interested in sci-fi novels with horror thrown in. It's creepy. Some of the scenes literally had me with palpitations, and tears in my eyes.

A Little Piece of Heaven
A book you have a love/hate 
relationship with

I love the idea of this book; I love the plot, I love the setting, I love the Indian mythology. Aesthetically speaking, I also love the covers of every single book in the series. However, I absolutely hated the finished product of Tiger's Curse. 

Not Ready to Die
A series you don't want 
to end

The Raven Cycle is, without a doubt, my favourite YA Paranormal series. Now that we have the title and release date for The Raven Cycle IV, The Raven King, the end feels so near AND I AM NOT PREPARED.

Burn it Down
A book you hated that 
everyone else loved

Everyone I've seen mention this has loved it. I, on the other hand, thoroughly did not. I love Epic Fantasy -it's probably my all-time favourite genre- but even though it has potential, Falling Kingdoms just felt like a waste of what could've been a good story. To me, it felt too childish and predictable.

Hail to the King
Your favourite author

George R.R. Martin has ruined my life on more than one reading-occasion. I pretty much binge read the first five books over the space of two months; I just couldn't stop. I'd never read anything on such an epic scale before. Even though I felt personally tormented by most of the character deaths, the life-ruiner himself fast became my favourite author.

The Wicked End
A book with a killer 

I don't know if you could call the way this ended a "cliffhanger" but, honestly, I was so distraught. I read this in December of 2013 and then, even though the final book was already out, I had to wait until January of this year for it to be translated into English. That was definitely one of the most painful waits for a book.

Seize the Day
A book that made you
thankful for your life

While I don't remember every detail of this book -like the whys and hows- I do remember feeling extremely moved by it. It's one of the few books that got me crying, and just feeling glad that I have what I have. I definitely need to reread this.

Until the End
Your favourite BFFs

The friendship between Karou and Zuzana just, simply, warms my heart. I love their understanding of each-other and how they always have each-other's backs. I want a friendship like this.

Danger Line
A book with a lot of

I read this last month and, to me, it was the perfect book. There's a lot of action but it's really well done.

City of Evil
Your favourite dystopian

Partials has been my favourite post-apocalyptic dystopian since I first read it. I love the world and I love the characters. It's awesome.

Shattered by Broken Dreams
A book that crushed
your soul

I don't care if this is a cliche answer to give because, seriously, this book hurt me like no other. I've never sobbed as much reading a book as I did with TFIOS; I was a mess.

Darkness Surrounding
A book with a dark MC
or antihero

I don't even know what to say about this book other than : If you haven't read it already, go do so. It's wonderful and dark, and messed up.


  1. I love the idea of this tag. I don't really listen to Avenged Sevenfold, but I would totally do this for Fall Out Boy or something.

    Sidenote: HOW HAVE I NOT READ VICIOUS? It has been on my tbr for awhile and I need to get my hands on it.

  2. This was a fun post! :D

    Also, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! :D check it out here!


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